Compelling Reasons to Not Drink and Drive 



Understand how risky drunk driving can be is not rocket science. There are many things that could happen if you drive while under the influence of alcohol or any drugs. Nevertheless, there are still many people who continue to operate their vehicles while under intoxication. In fact, there are have been thousands of reported accidents caused by drunk driving in the United States alone.  




The following are the reasons why you should not drink and drive 


1.You could be jailed 

Drunk driving is a serious offense and is sometimes called DUI or Driving Under Influence. There are many things that are to be expected when you are charged with DUI: penalties, alcohol rehab, community service, and even jail time. It is important to hire a personal attorney in reliable and legitimate firms like the Miami DUI lawyers if you want to defend yourself with professional help at the court. 


2.It increases your insurance premiums 

An individual who has great potential for accidents are at risk of increased insurance premiums and thus are necessitated to pay higher insurance premiums. If you are convicted, the insurance company will more likely to categorize you as high risk and this leads to your premium increase.  


 3. You need to pay large fees and fines

DUI don’t just involve community service to spending some weeks in jail, but also fines and fees that could exceed $1,000. This may include, but not limited to, ticket fees civil penalties, court fines and fees, and payment to reinstating your driving license. 


4.You will have a criminal record 

Having a criminal record is very humiliating and embarrassing to look at. What makes this worse is that you may not be able to find a good potential career because of this label, and so your options, when it comes to finding a job, have been restricted. Having a DUI charge can severely impact your career in the future.  


5. You can lose your professional license

In other professions, a DUI charge is a serious threat to a license and potentially revoke a professional license especially when you are working under the state government like teachers, lawyers, police officers, nurses, and more. 


6.You could be exposing yourself and other people in a serious accident. 

One of the potential risks is injuries and even death. According to the Mothers Agents Drunk Driving also called MADD, there are 30 people who die because of drunk driving every day in the United States. Worse than inducing injury to yourself so to cause death to loved ones or other people because of irresponsibility 


7.You may cause property damage 

Even if you have avoided potential injuries and deaths to yourself and to other people, you are still at risk of hitting an object or another car that could result in property damage worth thousands of dollars.  


Final thoughts 

It is not easy to lose your driver or professional’s license, pay some fines, or caused some injuries to yourself and other people. So, next time you drink, toss away the idea of driving and better get a cab or go to a train station.